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Super Slim Pomegranate

Many people seek various ways for losing weight and suffer a lot since they do not have time for exercise nor a diet plan. If you are experiencing this, you can give Super Slim Pomegranate a shot, Super Slim consists of kinds of herbal blends, it will remove the unwanted fat and helps to lose weight fast, results can be seen within the first day!

The ingredient contained in Super Slim Pills is the reason why this product can make you look slim and beautiful as well as losing weight! Fruits contain a lot of fruit gel, fruit fiber, vitamin, kinds of mineral-element and microelement; they can shorten the time of food poison staying in stomach, expel the toxin from our body, and supply nutrition at the same time. Apple acid can burn fat. Protein decompose ferment from kiwifruit can decompose meat protein stop absorbing fat. Gamboge fruit extractive material (HCA) can stop dextrose transforming to fat, reduce energy assimilation.
  • Apple

  • Pomegranate

  • Kiwi

  • Cassia Seed

Working Principle

Super Slim Review
Cantu Partain
I have lost 22 lbs in just 1+ month!! I can't felt better, Love it and highly recommended!! I don't suffer hungry as I used to and no side effect so far except some dry mouth, but that's a piece of cake to deal with enough water, it really worth a shot!
Cantu Partain
byron center United States
Mona Lopez
Great product! I have both been taking these pills for about 2 month and have lost! It works great, I was 65kg after pregnancy and now I am about 52kg, happy! I now have much healthy meal and no snacks any more as this capsule really control appetite!
Mona Lopez
Mission United States
Suleiman Tillison
I weighed 130 now and keep losing! I once was always between 150-160lbs, which last for years after I had the baby, I am so glad I was able to have so amazing result in 2 month! Thanks very much! Love it
Suleiman Tillison
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