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Super Slim Green Lean Body (Strong Version)

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Weight Reduction Green Lean Body Capsule is an effective, fast acting appetite suppressant. The product is also sometimes called "Weight Reduction Fruit". Only 1 pill is needed for 24 hours!

Weight Reduction Fruit Green Lean Body

1. Green weight reduction with safe and nonpoisonous
2. Inhibit the appetite with needn`t to be dieting
3. Rapid result with be effective in the same day
4. Fruit formula with expelling of toxin and facial beautification
5. One capsule each day with convenient for administration
6. Directional weight reduction with no rebounding forever

Main composition:
Koncing nut, garcinia camnogia, apple, Kiwi fruit, mannanfibre, konjaku extracts, sweet potato cellulose.

[Efficient compositions and content] the total flavone
200mg per 100g

[Health care function] Reduce weight, regulate blood fat and beautify face.

[Specifications] 300mg*6 capsules in a sheet, 5 sheets in a box, 3-6 boxes is a period of treatment

[Usage and dosage] Take 1 capsule/ day (taking before or after breakfast)

[Suitable people] Besides aiming at the simple obesity people, this product is more suitable for obstinate obesity type and persons with inefficacy on repeated weight reduction

[Caution] Do not take more than 1 slimming diet pill per day.

Please do not take the Green lean body capsule super slim together with other medicines.

[Precautions] not suitable for morbidly obese people, children, pregnant woman, patient with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease

[Storage] sealed kept in a cool, dry place

[Shelf life] 24 months

[Approval code] WSJZ (1999), No. 0899

[Executive standard]: Q/YF02-1999

[Produce] Guangzhou Youfang Health Care Product Technology Development Co., Ltd

Fruta Planta Slimming Capsule

Super Slim Pomegranate

by Gina Carroll
I took a 40 days supply and i lost about 20 lbs those days, i am not sure how long it will keep working but i think it is helpful in short time,i strongly recommend this super slim green lean body for someone who needs to lose about 20 lbs or so, with the pills, i can change my diet without trouble as it controlled the big stomach, i don’t eat fast food and i prefer vegetables and fruits etc

by Florence Wallace
The pills help a lot! It is not easy to do exercise to lose weight with 3 kids at home and since i took super slim pomegranate 1 month ago, my weight has been dropping and now i have lost 6 or so kgs :D :D

by Frances Cortez
I get the product today, not sure if it really works for me or not but appreciate the fast shipping and services now

by Yvonne Richards
I’ve been using the super slim pomegranate pills for a while and have totally lose 7 lbs so far, it works

by Erica Vera
After finishing the first bottle I weighed and had gone down about 9 lbs total. 12 lbs with the second bottle and 15 lbs with the third bottle. I only need to lose 40 lbs and i an satisfied with the pills.

by Linda Dries
I enjoyed your service very much, thanks for your help. I get my pills several hours ago and will take the pills tomorrow. Feel so excited about the pills and i hope this will make me feel good.

by Guadalupe Rivera
You are hungry when you need to eat so it curbs those cravings. You don't starve, you eat right again, it works GREAT!I like this amazing pills very much.

by Tanya perez
The product did as expected. When I take the capsules my stomach does get a full feeling where I don't have the urges to eat. As an end result I am eating less each day . I will continue to take this until i achieve my goal.

by Emily Johnson
it seems many of you have been losing appetite, but why I not? I feel hungry? I do weight myself and do lost 5lbs this week, so how it actually works? In all, I am satisfied as it helped me lost some weight.

by Lisa Bukhari
I see the result soon with this product! Extremely excellent, I’m so happy when my friends told me I seem have lost some, and I told them, yes! 10pounds! I will continue to take this pills as I need to lose nearly 50 lbs, I have confidence in losing weight successfully.

by Jewell Matheny Matheny
I have to eat snacks after lunch everyday, at least 3 times. Accidently, I saw this super slim(strong version) and I ordered to have a try. I ordered 6 boxes and the first time I ate it, I had less appetite. This super slim work fast and did not give me bad feeling. I will continue to take it to get better result.

by Lucius penter
I’m not hungry as before after taking this super slim strong version, excellent product! I’d like highly recommend it. If you are hesitating to buy this product, then just have a try and you will feel good.

by Elena Frega
At first I didn't notice any difference, but after three weeks I began to notice the scales had dropped a pound or two and had not rebound like it had in the past. I recommend this product to anyone who's really overweight and struggles with taking it off.

by Kayla Aichate
I feel like this makes me more regular. Maybe it's just because I'm not overeating, but I've been going to the bathroom more often then sister is using another product. and mine is much stronger , i lost 12lb last month. she only 8 lbs. really happy with it.

by Guadalupe ramirez
I started taking this pill a week ago and already notice a change. I am eating less and have lost 5lbs. it works really fast for me , this is the stronger super slim . i love it.

by Lindsay Bennett
I have been taking this Green Lean Body since October 8, started it on Columbus Day 2012 and I have lost 14 lbs the first month. i keep taking it for curbing my appetite and i have no side effects for long terms of using. i like it.

by marene Simpson
NO EXERCISING AND NO COUTING CALORIES. Just take pill 30 minutes before you eat and watch it work...

by Marcelo Elkady
We purchased two of Super Slim with high expectations because of the claims that we had been reading. And we have taken this for a week now. we pope a lot . and it seems works good on my digest system. I love it.

by Natural eskitzi
I have been taking this for one week. I did my first weigh in on a Saturday morning and was going to document every Saturday and Wednesday morning. I have took Super Slim for only a month. I see results .

by Elizabeth Thomson
I did a lot of research and tried a few supplements, and with Super Slim, losing weight become easy for me.

by stephanie zendejas
I started taking this about 3 weeks ago, Trust me, I am throughly enjoying the sleep. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. And I do feel more energy as well. I like it as far.

by Alec Ananko
This product is great. Did everything I was expecting. I've only been taking it for a little over a week and have lost a few pounds. this product did not have any averse effects.

by Alexi Rojas
I eat the foods I love, just less of it. I've tried a few other products and nothing worked like this one. I will keep buying Super Slim, as they have definitely become a "must have" part of my diet/exercise plan! It decreases my appetite and gives me more energy. Making it very easy to not eat so much.

by veronica Martinez
Thnaks. I already using that tablets, but the chinese shop charge me a huge money, they earn 4 times more. I could't afford that cost, and that's why I started looking for them on internet.I look forward for delivery.

by Christine Lauricella
Like so many others out there,I too am looking for something to help me burn a few extra calories while going along through my busy day. I work out doing mostly cardio & abs at least 4 times per week as well as making healthier choices in what I eat so I wanted something that was on the more "natural" side of things. i dont have to exercise to losse weight, but exercise will enhance the result. so i ll do some in the future, and now . i already lost 11lbs in a month. they worth the money.

by Allison Baldwin
All and all , i only tried this for a week, lost 2 lbs. its working.

by anna Gerstenberg
I've lost maybe ten pounds,i really like this result. i have many friends need to lost weight, i ll recommend this to them , they may want to try it.

by lyly Kovaleva
Got order very fast, and i have been using them for week bad feeling. and no side effects.

by Norma Nguyen
i got the package a day early in fact. very fast shipping. according to the delivery info. i got the pills in 3 days. APPRECIATED !!!

by Gina Murnaghan
I must say that my appetite has decreased. Im still in use of this Green Lean Body, they give me energy and now ,i'm expecting doing business with you guys again .

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